YellowDog - A Revolution in Rendering

Bristol-based startup YellowDog launched in 2015, providing 3D and VFX artists with speedy and simple cloud rendering.

Yellowdog claims it is building the world’s fastest supercomputer. How, you ask? By harnessing spare computer processing power from laptops when they aren’t in use, and putting that power towards rendering computer graphics for 3D and VFX artists. Christened Limitless Compute, it is a fixed-price, simple solution to data centres and render farms. 

The startup has undergone four rounds of investment, including £581.4k of disclosed funding from Seeds and Pitch@Palace. 

According to YellowDog, 93% of the animation studios they interviewed have rendering issues caused by unpredictable timings, quality and costs. YellowDog offer a much more environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective solution that has already been put in place across 30 countries. They’ve recently celebrated their 1,000th user.