Wealthify - Investments for the Mass Market

Wealthify is a Cardiff-based startup originally founded in 2014, focused on democratising investing.

Wealthify is a transparent and affordable investment service that empowers everyday individuals. The startup prides itself in helping those with no prior expertise or investment experience in building their own customisable plan (ranging from cautious to adventurous) - which can start with funds of £1 to £1m. Wealthify then build a mix of investments, constantly monitoring and optimising the plan. Customers can track their investments 24/7 on their app.

In October this year, the Aviva Group acquired a majority shareholding in Wealthify with a strategic investment, as part of their strategy to build customer loyalty by providing customers with a wide range of insurance and investment services managed through Aviva's digital hub, MyAviva.

Wealthify will now be accessible to Aviva’s customers where it will be available alongside other Aviva products and services. The investment will also support Wealthify’s business development, helping to accelerate future growth plans.