Ultrahaptics - Touch Virtual Objects Mid-air

Founded in 2013, this Bristol startup is changing the way we connect with technology. Ultrahaptics is enabling people to ‘feel’ virtual objects, without the need to wear or actually physically touch anything. 

Ultrahaptics use ultrasound to project sensations and give more control than ever before over any technology we interact with. Their technology can be applied to anything from simple buttons and dials to complex interfaces, meaning it could be implemented with VR and gaming, household appliances, cars and more - the possibilities truly are endless.

In May the business raised £17.9m in Series B funding, receiving investments from Dolby Family Ventures, IP Group Plc, Woodford Investment Management and Cornes Group. 

September saw Ultrahaptics open their first US office in Silicon Valley. This follows rapid team growth, both in the UK and globally, from 3 to approximately 80 staff. Both the UK and US teams are focusing on entering the VR and AR markets, as well as building upon their “local research, engineering, sales and marketing presence”.