Tikk - Simple and Secure Ticketing

Launched in 2016, Tikk is a Bristol-based ticketing app and platform. It is a simple and secure app that showcases select, local events and provides an ethical and trustworthy way of buying tickets.

Tikk provides users with a platform to buy and sell tickets without the risk of touts, scams or booking fees. The digital tickets bought on Tikk cannot be transferred from outside the app, ensuring they are safe from the touts. The platform has no upfront costs, low commission and simple management for those who want to host events, enabling organisers to create channels to make communication and marketing easy and quick. Tikk also provides admin, support and account management throughout the whole process.

The ticketing platform has so far received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from SimpleWeb.

Fraud is the UK’s most common criminal offence, with online ticket fraud rising by 55% in 2015 alone. Tikk’s simple yet secure steps towards fighting fraud is a promising and refreshing change in ticketing platforms - and something that will hopefully continue to grow across the industry.