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PROPERR - Simplifying Property Purchasing

Properr Software produces integrated technology solutions that simplify the entire property buying process. The Cardiff-based startup, founded in 2015, claims it can reduce the average home purchasing period of ten weeks down to just two days.

Properr launched their primary product, Track My Move, in 2016. The platform allows users to complete tasks, upload contracts and other documents, and progress the purchase in one place, giving everyone involved easy and on-demand access. It’s a simple and elegant solution not only for estate agents, but for home movers and conveyance teams too, with features such as transaction management, electronic signing and personalised dashboards all included within the platform. 

Properr have received a total of £2.16m from their seed funding round, including lead investment from Finance Wales.

The property purchasing sector is noted for its slow uptake in innovation, as well it’s long-winded and frustrating home-buying process. Properr is aiming to disrupt both in a big way - and revolutionise the entire UK residential property market as a result.