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Open Bionics - Affordable Alternatives for Amputees

There are around 2 million hand amputees worldwide. Open Bionics wants to try and make affordable prosthetics for all of them.

Based in Bristol and founded in 2014, Open Bionics create prosthetic hands via 3D printers, dramatically reducing the time and cost it takes to build other alternatives available on the market. Their bionic hands can typically be created in 1-2 days, and cost between £3-5,000 – up to 30 times less than others available on the market.
Open Bionics have received $370k of disclosed funding from multiple investors, including Disney Accelerator and Intel. The company also won the James Dyson award in 2015.
Open Bionics are currently working with the NHS for a 6-month, world-first trial of 3D prosthetic hands for children. The products are created with fun designs, with recent theme options including Iron Man, Frozen and Star Wars, thanks to a special partnership with Disney. If the trial is successful, Open Bionics will be able to apply for a grant worth £1m to offer the product at clinics around the country. The 3D printed hands have the potential to save the NHS millions, and make prosthetics a far more affordable option for those that need them.