Why Diversity and Inclusivity matters

Building diverse and inclusive teams is proven to bring multiple benefits. From brand perception and increasing candidate attraction, bridging hard to find skill gaps, increasing staff retention and driving better business performance.

We strongly believe that changes need to be made to the way businesses attract, recruit and retain diverse talent. We are working closely with our industry partners, set to increase diversity and inclusion across the South West.

As part of this mission, we are looking forward to working on a Diversity Edition of the DisruptSW Index, to celebrate those that are on a similar mission, to relentlessly work towards true diversity in our region.

Beyond this, we’ve established the True Diversity initiative. Our training, analysis and consultancy programmes are designed to challenge and engage the staff and senior leaders that will be responsible for driving change. Our recruitment services pull from multiple resources and academies to supply work ready talent.

Find out more about True Diversity here: www.truediversity.co.uk