Then & Now - Wriggle

This time last year we heard from Wriggle at the 2017 DisruptSW Index launch event. As a speaker, Rob Hall, their Founder and CEO, shared a little bit about what they do, where they are at, their Product, People and Potential. 

A year later we’ve caught-up with Rob to find out about what’s happened since we last spoke and to capture and share some “truly imaginative stories” and how thinking differently can set you apart. 


Disrupt SW: For those that didn’t get a chance to hear from you at last year’s launch event and for some background information, who are Wriggle and what makes your business offering unique?

Rob Hall: Wriggle is the platform helping people discover amazing handpicked restaurants, cafes and bars. Think Deliveroo – but instead of delivering food to people, we’re delivering people to amazing handpicked establishments.

Our big focus is on local – we are experts at building (and engaging) large local audiences on a budget.

What we believe we’ve done better than anyone in the hyperlocal sector, is build a sustainable model - which we’re now ready to begin the roll-out for.

Disrupt SW: Can you share the story behind the core and true origin of your product?

Rob Hall: The initial seed of an idea was to help food businesses reduce waste. Using exactly the same concept as Wriggle – if a burger joint had burgers going to waste at the end of the day, they could proactively reduce the price on Wriggle and use them up. 

The evolution from there has been organic – businesses started using this platform to target empty seats, as well as food waste – and because we were only working with high-quality local businesses, customers started to get excited, and as soon as we had a large audience – we became a form of marketing platform, helping local restaurants, cafes and bars spread their word and get in new customers on a budget.

Disrupt SW: Has Wriggle released any new products or services since we last spoke at the 2017 Disrupt SW Index launch event?

Rob Hall: The big new feature has been a citywide Rewards/Loyalty programme – giving customers points for spending at independent businesses across their cities. It’s been the best feature we’ve launched to date – with some really nice elements of gamification.

Aside from that, it’s been a year of consolidation – improving our operations, and growing revenue, as we gear up for our scale-up.

Disrupt SW: Have you expanded into any new markets or geographies?

Rob Hall:  Neither – it’s been a year of moving the dial with everything we’re doing, and prepping ourselves for a bigger roll-out in 2019.

Disrupt SW: Have you had any major team changes? 

Rob Hall: Thankfully no – aside from a couple of additions (videographer, new marketing associate), it’s been a very stable year for us, which is great.

Disrupt SW: What market traction have you had over the last year?

Rob Hall: We’re growing consistently (160% revenue growth on the previous year), and making the platform easier-and-easier to use, with a growing number of partners. 

Disrupt SW: Are there any other achievements you’d like to share?

Rob Hall: Not particularly. This year is all about consolidation – and preparation for a bigger year in 2019, and we’re pleased with where we’ve got to.

Disrupt SW: …and what’s in the pipeline for Wriggle? What’s on the horizon? 

Rob Hall: A big project to allow customers to purchase a variety of different products and extras (helping us and our partners to increase average transaction value), then it’s all about launching in our next cities.  

Thank You for sharing!