How to choose your people wisely to enable growth

Some insights from ADLIB.

The components that determine a top Disrupter Business are their people, product and potential. 

We all get that the sum of the above drive businesses forward and herein growth. However finding the right people to support product and potential can sometimes be easier said than done. So how do you recruit the right kind of people, with all the right skills but most importantly those that fit culturally and behaviourally. That’s often the tricky part. Each business has it’s own unique company culture and defining that early on often determines success from the outset. People are the driving force behind success.
“People” are our business, we enjoy being trusted by and working with numerous organisations that are shaking up their sectors here in the South West. We’re also consulting with the guys at TechSPARK to create a platform that continues to showcase the region as the place to love and work and essentially ensuring the South West attracts the talent  and skills needed to maintain and progress the recognition already achieved.
But how to recruit against behaviour and culture? As mentioned, it’s about so much more than skill sets. How to hire those that you’d truly want to represent your brand? How to identify those that will just “get it” and stick?

Making a bad hire can be expensive, also impacting the business model, project delivery, internal relationships and not to disregard the impact on time that is lost through the recruitment process - to name a few.

Here at ADLIB we’re experiencing significant growth, so we feel your pain, finding those that fit our mould is no easy task. Over time, we’ve developed a system that helps. One that we often refer to when asked by clients about “getting the cultural fit right” and “where to start when trying to figure out a company culture”. Here it is, it may just give you the starting points you need to become a Disrupter Business of tomorrow or to take your business to the next level:

Naturally and firstly, we need to ensure that the person’s skills are up to scratch, also identifying training and development opportunities. Once all this is clear, we move on to the equally important bit – behaviours. Some work and thought may need to go into defining those, they will be unique to your business and they are the basis of how everyone behaves internally as well as when dealing externally. 

The important bit here is that it’s not about personal characteristics. We embrace those. They are more about how situations are dealt with and how things are done. Underneath we all need to share the same values and behaviours. If your people’s behaviours mirror your business’ behaviours, you are set for success. 

As an example, to make this more tangible and practical, ADLIB’s behaviours and values are:

We are Knowledgeable -  We truly immerse ourselves into the sectors we operate within.
We are Honest - Always. Simple as that. 
We are Progressive - To evolve with the changing world around us, we constantly evaluate and adapt.
We are Straightforward - What you see is what you get.
We are Dedicated - We’re in it to win it. 

To choose and identify those that will enable growth, we suggest to ask a potential employee upfront about their ambitions, values and behaviours. If it’s a match with your business’ there's a good chance you’re both on to a winner.


Author: Nick Dean, Managing Director at ADLIB.

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