MoveGB - The Ultimate Gym Membership

Founded in Bath in 2013, MoveGB is the largest fitness marketplace in the UK, with activities ranging from indoor climbing walls to dodgeball to yoga available at 1,000s of venues across the UK
MoveGB gives members the ultimate flexibility when it comes to staying fit - the varying monthly subscriptions give you access to multiple venues and activities all over the UK, and membership can easily be frozen or cancelled with no fees.
MoveGB currently has over 200,000 members and continues to grow. Their flexible and varied subscriptions not only give them an edge over individual gyms and studios, but their pricing is competitive too. CEO Alister Rollins claims that MoveGB members are “four times more likely” to stay active than those who have standard gym subscriptions.
The business received an undisclosed amount of Venture funding in March 2017. Future plans include continued rapid growth - MoveGB recently expanded into London.