DisruptSW Index 2019 The Diversity Edition.

The purpose of the 2019 Diversity Edition of DisruptSW is to feature the top businesses, services, products, initiatives, projects and organisations which are addressing diversity challenges we see within tech teams and the technology sector in the South West.

To do this, we are curating and publishing our third Disrupt SW index which this year, will focus on diversity.

The Diversity Edition index will focus on and highlight those with the following characteristics:

  • SW regional base. Those indexed will be based within the South West region.

  • Impact. They will have developed products, services or solutions which either support and assist businesses within the SW region (and beyond) to address inequality and inequity within their organisations so helping to attract, sustain and optimise talent within business or have themselves developed disruptive technology or solutions within their own organisation which are innovative in addressing diversity issues.

  • Potential. They will have a clear roadmap and/or trajectory to optimise their products, services or solutions or internal structures to accelerate, promote and facilitate diversity.

The Index will be revealed during Bristol Technology Week 2019.