DisruptSW Index 2019 The Diversity Edition.

The purpose of the 2019 Diversity Edition of DisruptSW is to feature the Top 15 businesses, services, products and organisations which are addressing diversity challenges we see within tech teams and the technology sector in the South West.

We are curating and publishing our third Disrupt SW index which this year, which will focus on diversity.

The Diversity Edition index will focus on and highlight businesses with the following characteristics:

  • SW regional base: Indexed business will be based within the South West region.

  • Impact. They will have developed products, services or solutions which either support and assist businesses within the SW region (and beyond) to address inequality and inequity within their organisations so helping to attract, sustain and optimise talent within business or have themselves developed disruptive technology or solutions within their own organisation which are innovative in addressing diversity issues.

  • Potential. They will have a clear roadmap and/or trajectory to optimise their products, services or solutions or internal structures to accelerate, promote and facilitate diversity.

The Launch Event


WHEN: On Tuesday 5th November

VENUE: The Radnor Rooms, 30 St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1TG

This is not just another soundbite about Diversity in Tech – our mission is action based and focused on real impact and tangible outcomes.

Before unveiling the Disrupt SW Diversity Index, our panel of experts on diversity will share their experiences of building truly diverse and inclusive teams and how this has really helped to grow their business; improve collaboration; build greater community engagement and/or support the regional technology sector. It will bring together different perspectives and organisations that represent and advocate for very different perspectives of “True Diversity”.

Through this discussion, and by bringing diversity lead organisations together, DisruptSW aims to elevate the huge potential and impact their work could be making by helping fill the tech skills gap and solving diversity challenges within tech teams across the South West.

We celebrate those working to make diversity a reality and most importantly, to connect all those in the region that share this mission, to enable collaboration.