Helpfulpeeps - The Do-Good, Feel-Good Social Network

Helpfulpeeps is here to help you earn some instant good karma. The social networking site, founded in 2014, encourages its users to swap and share their time, skills and knowledge to help one another - and it’s entirely free.

Originating from Bristol, Helpfulpeeps have communities in 15 cities across the UK and around 100,000 members. Members can post requests or answers directly on the homepage, earning “karma” when they successfully help someone. Requests on the site are varied - cat-sitting, learning a new skill, or even borrowing a hack saw for 30 minutes are just a few examples - but all are met with kind and helpful responses.

Helpfulpeeps have gone through several rounds of undisclosed funding, earning investment from investors such as Pitch@Palace and WebStart Bristol. They’re currently focusing on creating more communities within the UK, as well as scaling the business model globally. In a world of fake news, shaming and trolls, this is one community that will revive your faith in the power of social networks.