Fatmap - 3D Maps Powering Adventure

Fatmap offers a combination of ultra high-resolution 3D landscape models, live data and local knowledge to help plan outdoor activities. The startup was founded in 2013.

Originally a skiing app pushed to resorts, the startup has since expanded to both an app and browser tool for even more outdoor activities, including mountaineering, hiking and biking. The tool can be used to understand the terrain, explore possible routes and assess risks through intelligence overlays, as well as learn about exciting adventure possibilities from content curated by locals.

In May 2016 Fatmaps received their most recent funding - a £1.9m Seed investment from Episode 1 & Capnamic Ventures.

Whilst Fatmaps are currently expanding their global map coverage and the range of activities they cater for, they are also working on their potential outside of the sporting industry. Fatmap could be useful anywhere the environment affects planning - military, heritage, and disaster response are just some of the many services that could benefit from this accessible, useful and inexpensive tool.